Crystals and tools

My shop has a big selection of crystals and various tools that one might need on the path. I always say that tools are not required to be Spiritual or for the practice itself, however some might find entertainment and beauty in crystals and other little things that I have to offer, which you are free to have a look at.

welcome to my shop

Creativity of any kind is part of my practice. And 1-1 sessions is not the only way you can get help from me. My shop is a place where I channel Light Language, work with crystals and jewellery, which I program for various areas, custom program for your specific needs and situations. Here are the examples of thing that you can find in my shop. If you request something specific and personalised, feel free to use the form on this page to enquire about commissions and custom work.

Chanelled Light Language Art

As a Spiritual worker and a healer I have had experience with channeling. My access to Light Language had appeared in my path summer 2020, which ended up being something I started putting into the Art form. 

Channeled Light Language artwork is something that I do separately, when Spirit channels something through me, or I channel custom artwork that specifically is reflecting your energy field, can sync up with what you need to work on or calibrate parts of the Field that need it.

These are the examples of the custom channeled artwork that was done for the clients of mine Summer 2020.

Selection of Jewellery 

Every piece can be charged and programmed to work with your specific Energy and issue that you need the jewellery for.


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