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22nd February

As of February 2020 the main focus of my work became Soul Guidance. The goal of Soul guidance is to help people remember who they are and what they came here for. After years of practicing and healing myself, I have re-discovered my mission and my soul’s goal in this timeline. Guiding people to their own truth and knowledge has always been something that I care about deeply. After a long consideration I have changed the way my sessions work and the knowledge that I provide. If you are interested in a more in-depth detailed explanation of what this means, check out the PDF that you can download here.


In general, I am now working with a few various modalities to help people understand their Soul’s origin, skills and gifts, talents, contracts and goals. Through accessing information about a person’s Life Path, Energy Field, contracts and some other details, I can draw an approximate image of how they need to proceed with their path and healings. 


You will be getting a Full Report of the information that I gather through readings and meditations with conclusions and messages that I get from the Source for you. Some packages will include a little guide with tips and exercises that you can use yourself to heal and discover the story of your Soul.  There are various options of Soul Guidance sessions, some of which include coaching.

Spiritual Coaching

We are Divine beings having a human experience. That's a phrase that we have all heard before. And it's true, but with all these human things and responsibilities we tend to get lost and in my experience having someone who would listen, advise and guide is always beneficial. And Spiritual coaching that I provide is exactly that.

Spiritual journeys are highly individualised and regardless of when and where we have started, we all have something that we need help with. As a coach I always do my best to understand and empathise with you, find tools that I can give you to get through the confusion.

In sessions we work closely with your Guides and the Divine Source to figure out why things are happening the way they are, what you can do to make it easier and how to move forward. Occasionally I use my Tarot cards and Oracle cards within the session too, to get a clearer picture and guide you even better. 

The ultimate goal is always to give you the tools and understanding of your energy, your sensory perception, so that later on you could continue your journey

Energy Field Work

Energy Field Healing is a modality of quantum energy healing that touches upon every aspect of the human energy field. In the session we have a full access to your energy field, all timelines to clear out any trauma including inner child trauma, bloodline issues, past and future timeline traumas, any activations and adjustments that need to be done, integrating any updates or downloads that are waiting to be processed and calibrating the Field overall. Any aspect of our physical life has an energetic footprint, which can also be cleared out if and when needed. That means that any physical, mental*, emotional, financial issues can be potentially addressed in order to re-calibrate the energy field according to your best interest. This also includes mental clarity, Divine Union calibration and separation issues, Divine connection clearing and protection and general Fear can also be worked through. 

Calibrations and activations can be done separately and are very targeted and include calibrating after trauma healing, post Dark Night of the Soul recovery, integrating new downloads and upgrades, post energetic attacks recovery and anything else that can destabilise our energy and cause fatigue, drainage and other side effects. Anything that needs to be integrated, adjusted, activated and calibrated within your Energy Field - will be done. This includes Light Language activations, DNA activations, spiritual gift templates activations and many more. 

In all session you take major part, as it is always an ultimate goal for us to give you the tools and understanding of how this works for you. So that all these healings and activations could further on be done by you without a second party's assistance. The other thing that we do within the session is always work with the assistance of your Spirit Guides and the work is done only by following your highest good and done with the guidance of the Divine Source.

Important Notes

With the depth that this healing is working allow some time for it to integrate and manifest in physical reality. From experience it can take from couple of weeks to several months, depending on personal circumstances and the amount of lessons you might have to learn to fully integrate the new healings in the physical reality. 

When booking, please take time to fill out the consultation form, so that I could prepare myself as much as I can for our session. It is imperative for me to understand what you are looking for and what understanding of your abilities you already have. There are no wrong answers at all, it will just make our session flow much easier.

*Mental issues do not mean diagnosed mental illnesses or disorders. While we can help with those on the energetic level and you will never be turned away when coming with the mental issue, I always highly advise to have a licensed professional who can monitor the physical part of the illness/disorder. If you have a mental illness, please be open about it. There is no judgment in my practice, but knowing about the possible complication will make the session more ethical and useful. 

Consultations are available at request, please use the form below to enquire about one.

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