welcome to chaos...

I have a lot of projects, scripts, ideas and novels being planned at the same time. To be frank, I function with plots and stories always cooking in my brain and I never know which one will be finished, which one will be left half through, which characters will live and become more human and which characters will stay on paper.

This page is a tracking system and an updating place for those who are interested in what I am working on. So feel absolutely free to stay around and keep an eye on what story I will be telling next. 

If I get to it...

With my low dopamine hungry brain, I might end up changing this place a lot.

Thanks for submitting!

I have pages and pages of planning and plotting for this story and character, but I am trying to put it all into one system, which will make a little more sense. So I have no clue when, if ever, this story will be brought to life. However, this is where I will be showing a lot of the process and hopefully it will motivate me to finalise the ideas.

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