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This is not a how-to post per say. I will be talking about the potential ways to discover what your purpose is, however, because of how subjective this experience is I want you to remember that it will be different for everyone. This is not a step-by-step guide, this is a compilation of the patterns that I have noticed throughout working in sessions.

First thing you need to remember is that the idea of "Soul Purpose" had been transformed and integrated into capitalism. For some reason now the Purpose has to be monetised and profitable, otherwise it doesn't count as a purpose. Which is not true. When a Soul comes here to be in a human bode, it has something that it wants to do, learn, achieve. There are always goals to achieve. However, in spirit world money and profitability do not exist, therefore not every purpose needs to be and can become profitable.

Working with Spirit Guides and the Divine.

Any information about your purpose, or generally about you is already within you. Your Soul and your energy hold it within since the beginning of your life here. The question is always about finding it, uncovering and remembering what it is. What we also should keep in mind that our human lives hold a lot more answers and lessons, than we expect. The answers aren't external to the human experience, which brings us to a conclusion: we need to ground and centre more, than working on opening our third eye. (I will cover the third eye later in the posts).

Coming back to yourself and grounding will show you where to look for, when it comes to your purpose in this life. It is fascinating and hooking to work on finding a suitable label or title that will describe you and "assign" the purpose to you, but that will end up being a waste of time. No able, no title, no spiritual worker, no one can tell you what it is. So those starseed quizzes that you can take online or personality tests will only give you a hint, but not the answer. They might even end up confusing you more on the way.

Can our past lives hold a potential answer?

Past Life regressions can show patterns of events and lessons and even actions that your Soul goes through in order to learn, grown and fulfil its goals. The cyclic events of the past lives can uncover hidden talents, hidden desires and become an indicator of how your Soul can actualise itself in this life too.

In one of the sessions last year I had a client who had seen herself as some sort of a writer in every life that she regressed to. Journalling, diaries then a bookshop/book club owner and an author. At the end of the session I have asked her if she had ever been interested in writing and it turned out that she was already in the process of working on a book. That was a prime example of how past lives can show a possible correlation with your current purpose.


A human is a layered being. The energy system of a person has several undertones, a lot information and coding that we are carrying. However, with all the trauma that we are carrying, including the past life trauma, we lose access to that information. So healing all those things is going to unveil things layer by layer.

With every layer coming off, more information you will get from Source about yourself. With past life trauma healing, for example, my clients often see patterns in lessons and in behaviour that they exhibited in the past and that they might also want to have in this current life. I once has a session, in which a woman saw herself as a writer in several lives. It turned out that she was already writing a book in this life too. Healing trauma will show you what you have forgotten about yourself. Which in turn also brings the fact that all information is already within.

As a reminder...

Remember that you are in full control at all times. Exercise your free will when communicating with the Divine and the Source. Feel absolutely free to ask any question, no matter how dumb it might sound in the human perspective. Source doesn't have a human perspective and will answer absolutely anything you want, as long as you are ready to know the answer and that it's in your highest good to know.

You can also use any divination tools in the process: pendulums, tarot cards, oracle cards or anything else. Especially if you are just beginning your practice and still need a tool to differentiate your thoughts from what the Source is telling you.

An journaling and tracking stuff through the process will help you to understand the symbology and metaphors behind what you are getting. We process information and energy in different ways and symbology will present differently for everyone. Knowing what symbols mean to you not only will help you with the process of communication with the Source, but also might help you with your dreams.

After all, only by going within and understanding/remembering who you are, will you be able to understand your purpose in this life.

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