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A lot of us are waking up right now and when we open our eyes and minds to the world, where everything is possible, we realise that as humans we have access to a lot of things. Including our psychic abilities and gifts. In the last week, a lot more people started asking how to figure out what abilities you have. So let’s talk about that!

As you may already know, no one else will be able tell you who you are. However, I can share what you can do to find answers! Just remember that not everything I share might work for you, so please feel free to use this post as a guide and inspiration to develop your ways.

A lot of people are trying so hard to understand what their gifts are, they want to open all of them up as soon as possible and in most of those cases, nothing really works. Thing is, while we all as humans have access to these abilities, our human brain can handle only as much. We need to remember that the Divine will not let us harm ourselves and it will give us information bit by bit, only what’s in the highest good for us to know. Hence if you are struggling with understanding what your psychic gifts are, please remember, that patience is key in this process. And the Divine, with your ancestors and spirit guides will tell you what it is when the time is right and when you are ready.

In the meantime you can keep practicing the basics: meditate, communicate and work with your Guides and Ancestors, work on your Shadow and inner child, deprogram yourself from the societal brainwashing and remember to research and learn.

However, I will also go over some things that do help us a lot with finding where we can potentially find the information about our abilities. These will give you some ideas on what to do, when it comes to asking the Divine for answers.

1. Past Lives

Our past lives can reveal a lot of things about us in this life. Including the potential that we have with our gifts. How so? When you start remembering your past lives, you will be able to see a very prominent pattern of what your talents are. For example, a writer will most definitely have some connection with books, writing, libraries etc in most of their lives. Same goes to healers, alchemists, witches and many many more. When and if you are working with past lives, just remember to ask your higher self to show what your abilities are, or ask what you are doing for living in the life that you are viewing at the moment.

2. Ancestry and Bloodlines

This one can be a little tricky, because after centuries of lost information, lost history and lost tracks and roots, we hardly can find documented physical information about our ancestors. However, majority of your Spirit Guides are your ancestors and you will be able to find out a little more about them, when you start directly working with your Ancestors.

3. Information around you

We have so many different things around us that tell exactly who we are. Yet, we somehow don’t pay attention to that. We have astrology, palmistry, numerology, human design charts and so many other systems that can direct you towards the talents and gifts that you have access to in this waking life.

But the most important thing that I want you to remember is that we all are different. I know people talk about visions, downloads, hearing spirits talking and a lot of other pretty standard abilities that we all know about. We are different and we will perceive information and decipher it in many different ways. Something might not work for you and that’s okay, Keep working, be creative, experiment with understanding the process of the energy. Practice makes progress.

Don’t stress out too much, everything will happen in Divine Timing. All is well and you are exactly where you are supposed to be on your Journey. And next time I will touch on the types of Spiritual Gifts, just to make some things clearer for those who are just starting out.

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