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How many times have you heard this phrase? Every spiritual person uses it, but not everyone can explain or understand what it means and how to work with it. Unfortunately for some, Divine Timing isn’t the synchronicities that you see on your clock sometimes, because time in Divine dimension doesn’t work the same way as it works for us. Synchronicities are just that - little signs that our guides send us to make us notice patterns and messages.

Time isn’t linear. Time is a dimension that exists around us. We are used to thinking that we move through time, but actually Time moves through us. To better understand this I can give you an example that I have seen on TikTok from @vikterbang:

I am writing this post in my present.

I am writing this post in your future.

You will read it in your present.

You will read it in my past.

Simultaneously this post connects the past and the present and 2 different versions of the present. It’s not linear. It reminds a tree with multiple branches that end up on the stem that we will call “Now”.

Then if the time isn’t linear and Divine Timing has nothing to do with the actual concept of linear time - then what is it? How can a human brain understand it in a simpler way? Here is the thing, when we communicate with the Divine, a lot of times we end up hearing that we might not be ready for something, that we need to wait until something happens, there are other lessons to learn before we can access another level of information. This readiness is exactly what Divine Timing talks about.

Sometimes we can’t predict when an event will take place exactly, because linear time doesn’t have the set timing, but it all depends on how open or ready we are for that event. This also works with the concept of Manifestation. Sometimes things don’t come when we want them to come, because we have to wait until we are ready for them.

Next time when you hear someone say “All in Divine Timing”, understand that this might basically mean “It happens, when it happens” or that the person tries to make a point that sometimes we have to leave it all up to the Divine.

In this case I call the Source (or the Universe) a parent. It’s a loving and caring parent, which can also get strict when needed. So when we ask for something to happen, it’s like a child asking for ice cream for dinner. We still can get the ice cream, but we have to eat proper food before. Same with the Universe. We still will get what we want. We just need to be ready for it.

But let’s quickly come back to the synchronicities. If they have nothing to do with Divine Timing, then what are they? Like I have mentioned a little earlier, checkpoints. These work as little reminders of what we need to pay attention to. Next time when you see 11:11 or anything else, look at your actions, words and thoughts. There will be an answer for you or a message from your guides or Higher Self.

If understanding the concept of time as a dimension is a little hard to comprehend, here are some tips:

  • Ask Spirit to show you Time.

  • Ask Spirit to guide you towards what you need to understand about time at this point.

  • Ask Spirit to guide you to healing that can help you to unlock the understanding.

Chances are you will be able to aid the programming that we have on Time and the idea of dimension will be easier to digest.

And I want to end this post with one conclusion: Everything is already yours. It’s the matter of Divine Timing, your awareness and your actions.

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