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What a great way to start posting on this platform! I am not going to lie, this is a very important post and it’s time for us to figure out why we take Spirituality so seriously and also what it actually means. With the current awakening speed on the global scale, a lot more people are getting into Spirituality as is and let’s just talk about it.

What is spirituality? By definition it means the “quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”. So spirituality is something that takes care of our Souls, our inner spirit that we tend to neglect and forget about. Spirituality helps us to address all the things that are connected to our Soul and to the Divine.

Is it a religion? No. Spirituality is an umbrella term for anything that fulfils and nurtures our Soul. If it comes to it, even art and creativity can be called Spiritual activities. However, Spirituality doesn’t mean that you can’t be religious in any way. Religion and Spirituality co-exist. Same goes for witchcraft and even atheism. Spirituality doesn’t have any structure or movement. It’s an individual journey that we choose to embark on to grow and to deeper understand our being and our existence.

But why is it so important? Why do we need to incorporate Spirituality into our lives? Well, there is no denying that human beings have Souls. Whether we call it a Soul, a Spirit or a Conscious awareness, we have it. What else do we have? A body and a mind, both of which have people that take care of them: therapists and doctors. We exercise, drink water, diet to take care of our bodies. We go to therapy, journal and take care of our mind daily. But what takes care of our Soul? Spirituality and spiritual development.

Mind, Body and Soul - the three aspects to life, all three of which need equal attention and care in order for us to be fulfilled and balanced in life. We’ve got the body and we understand that concept easily, because it’s very tangible. We see it, we understand it and we immediately feel pain when it needs attention. We are only now starting to grasp the idea of mental health, but even this concept is understandable. But when it comes to Spirituality, we get lost. Why? Because it’s personal.

Our souls are different by default, we have different things to do and learn, we carry different information and frequencies within our souls and it’s so much harder to make it a structured concept. Hence, people tend to ignore their Soul and don’t really understand how to take care of it. There are no hospitals or doctors that can fix our soul with an easy pill prescription. This work is harder and majority of it is done alone. And I am not even going to touch general societal programming in this post. This is a whole other topic, that will be explained later on. Right now, let’s focus on very generalised ideas of Spiritual development. And now people will ask me how do I know this. Well, the thing is, everything I share is backed by me experience. And it doesn’t have to resonate with you, but sharing experiences is what I find important. So here we go.

I was lost majority of my life. As a teenager I couldn’t find a place to belong. And not only because majority of my classmates were directly outcasting me, but also because I could not connect to my Soul to understand what my purpose in life is. And what’s the main thins that keeps us going? Goals and dreams and any sort of purpose. That’s what makes us who we are - humans. And up until the age of 20 I had no idea what to do with myself. (To be honest, I am lying a little bit here. It was later than 20).

Another fear that I had was that I am running out of time. I was just a teenager, when I felt like I am not doing enough and that I am getting older every day and that I am not achieving anything. I was 18 (!) when this was the major reason of my anxiety. I saw people around me becoming successful, while I was still lost and confused.

It wasn’t until my spiritual practice became a focus of my life. Only by understanding what my soul is and how it works within the frames of this world, I started getting the reasons of my Fears and I finally broke free from feeling lost.

And if you think about it from the perspective of mind and body that fear was very irrational and illogical, because well I was just 18. My life only just started and there is no way an 18 year old will feel that way. We party, enjoy life, fall in love, are being creative… Yet this void and lack of understanding of who we are is always there and we end up feeling lost.

Will Spirituality or a Spiritual Coach magically fix all your problems? Probably not. At least not immediately. Like it was stated before, it’s a personal journey. And I want to emphasise journey again. It will take time, emotional toll and a lot of hard work, as we start breaking down the walls of the “unknown”, but once we start… Everything falls into harmony.

Mind, body and Soul. All three of aspects to our life need equal attention. And while the rest of them are important, your Soul is the one that will guide you to answers that you are missing. Wether it’s religion, witchcraft or any other practice, consider looking into it. And maybe you will find the joy and satisfaction of life that physical and mental aspects aren’t providing.

Let’s quickly revisit the dictionary definition of Spirituality: the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Are these aspects really that opposed? No. They aren’t opposed at all. It’s about the balance between the three. But this is food for thought for the next time.

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