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The time of 2021 requires to use our discernment like never before. The deceptions, division, fear and other things will not stop and will not just plain disappear. The Spirit had been warning us and encouraging us to only trust ourselves and our intuition as well as the Spirit in the process of division. And while it is important to put this message across, the more important thing is to learn and understand how can we individually do this. This post is exactly that. A little bit more practical dive into the process of trusting the Spirit.

Due to the fact that objective reality is questioned and in my perspective doesn’t even exist - the methods and tips that I want to share here might not suit everyone. So take what works and take what resonates, so that you can find how and what works for you.

Another note I want to make before going further is that for the same reason not all of us will understand the current state of the world the same way: our visions, the messages of the Spirit and signs may as well vary. So when you start getting new information from the Spirit and it doesn’t match mine or anyone else’s - don’t automatically assume that you are doing something wrong and that others are right. Anything I share might not be part of your plot and mission. Which is absolutely normal and okay.

Let's start from Meditation. Meditation is a state of mind where you are able to observe your thoughts without involving Ego or any other parts of human consciousness. A lot of times we somehow misunderstand this practice and always seek trans state of consciousness. And while it can be necessary when connecting to certain entities and beings, like Metatron for example, it is not necessary to connect with your Soul and Spirit Guides. State of observation is easier to reach and is more important in daily practice than deep trans.

But what does that help with? When you reach a point of being able to basically predict your next thought, you will learn your thought pattern and also the way that you are thinking in. The process allows us later to see the difference between Spirit and Us a lot clearer. And with time, work and practice, the difference between the two becomes a lot more visible which helps a lot on the path further on.

The other thing that it helps with - is a better understanding of Self. That includes all aspects of the Self: the Ego, the Shadow, inner child etc. We start seeing which part of us causes said thoughts and later helps us to heal them in order that they need to be healed. A better understanding of Self makes it easier to remember who we are, what we are here for and what our Soul is as well as the mission. The more layers we uncover with practice, the more puzzle pieces fall together which makes it a lot easier to find fulfilment and how some of us call is "destiny".

Of course meditation is not the only thing that we need to keep in mind when talking about connecting to the Spirit and our Guides. Spirit is just energy that manifests in our lives in different ways and to understand how to connect with it, you also need to know how you process this said energy. I briefly mentioned claires (different psychic abilities) in my previous post. But here is the thing: it's all a lot easier than people assume or are led to believe.

It starts from imagination. Do you know how your imagination work? Do you SEE, FEEL, HEAR or KNOW? These are the basics to start from. When working with the Spirit the information will come in a lot of different forms for different people. Some will get vivid imagery that they can easily understand and decode, because it's a vision. Those can be flashbacks, dejavus, vivid dreams or visual signs. Some will only hear: noises, voices, phrases. Some just know and so on. So if so far you have expected to see visions but ut still hadn't happened - you're not blocked. There is just a chance that you have a different way of processing information and energy. Do not get discouraged.

Once you understand both of those things together, you can start working with your discernment. By connecting with your Guides and the Spirit you can always ensure that the information you come across in the environment is something that you can trust. Take your time with absorbing what you consume, process it, communicate questions to the Spirit before making a distinct conclusion.

There is a thing to remember in this process - you don't have to Kill your Ego to be able to connect with Divine. Ego is a big part of a human, which we need to work on and with, but which can't be fully destroyed. So you don't need to go through an Ego death to simply ask your Guides questions. They will always answer, whether you are getting it internally with psychic abilities or externally - with signs, angel numbers and other things.

Another thing worthy mentioning is energy blocks. While working through them and clearing them is also important, as most of them are connected to trauma and healing trauma of any kind is a big part of spiritual and healing journey, to ask Spirit questions, you don't need to have an exquisitely clean Field.

Energy Field helps us to work with the energy, reducing the amount of blocks that we have there can help the energy flow. But the wonderful thing about this world and particularly our Guides and the Spirit is that we are all and always connected. We are always being listened to, we are always supported. So whenever we come to a moment and need to ask our Guides something we will always be heard, no matter what phase of healing you are in. It would've been a little strange (and by this I am saying "mean") if we has to qualify or pass requirements to be able to ask for help and guidance. Everybody can do it. Not only those in 5D, or enlightened or born with psychic abilities. You can do this too.

Of course we don't always get an answer. Not because we are not worthy, but because when we communicate with the Spirit, we are always asking for our highest good. That means that if something that we are asking for or any information is something that will hurt us in this moment in time - we will not get it. So when you don't get an answer, it's not because there is something wrong with you... You are being protected for your own highest good.

There are a few tips I want to mention before finishing this post, that might be helpful for you too. These are the things that I fo myself, that help me to not only recognise the amount of work that I am and have been doing, but also stay grounded and sane:

Journal everything.

And I mean EVERYTHING. Meditations, feeling, dreams, messages, thoughts, ideas, doodles etc. Do scrapbooking when and if needed because there are already images online that you might come back to. Not only is journaling a very therapeutic activity, but also can be a mediation in itself. Use your journal as a diary to be able to get back to the information that you have had prior, so that you could close cycles, see patterns and expand your perspectives on different things as you are growing.

Remember to have JOY.

As humans we fall into the trap of taking everything seriously. And while in the context of our time and events we for sure should take things seriously, we have to remember to also enjoy the process. In the time that I have been working with the Spirit, I have seen and heard multiple jokes that have been given towards me or my clients. The Spirit wants us to enjoy the life here and not take ourselves a little too seriously here. Otherwise life gets unpalatably boring and that's not the purpose of human life - has never been.

And the last thing: this is a journey, not a destination with deadlines.

With multiple dogmas, rules, religions, misinformation and doomsday dates set by fear mongering programming, we have to remember that no-one is going to be left behind. Awakening is not a one time thing that only happens once in a life time and if you haven't done it - you're doomed. That's not the point. Awakening has always been an individual process, where we eventually come to the same understanding but through different trials, tests, lessons and with different speed. So if you are feeling like people around you are "more capable" and that you might get lost and forgotten - fear not. You are reading this post, you are already awake.

So in this time of uncertainty, remember to come back to the Spirit, to yourself and your Soul, connect with Divine and your Spirit Guides to be able to use your Discernment this year and stay true to yourself. The year had only just begun.

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