• Mary Fellowes

How does the energy of 2021 will work and how it might affect the collective? | Mary Grace Fellowes

What a ride was 2020, we pretty much went through trails every month and what can I say? We’ve made it here. It’s New Year’s Day and while we can and will enjoy this celebration as much as we can in current circumstances, let’s peak into the energies of 2021.

2020 was laying foundation for the future change to come and it’s up to us now to apply the new perspectives in the coming year, to make the change that we all want. It won’t happen over night, but we can start slowly breaking down all the unwanted and no longer needed structures and traditions. And it is already noticeable with how social media looks now. This might bring a lot of disappointment but it’s very much needed to further wake up to the reality of things and the state of society that we are witnessing now. I mean it only seems like there is nothing more to add to our disappointment, but this is all about the amount of people that start recognising it.

The society’s focus of the year will be on the economic and finances in general. As we start emerging from the experiences of the year passing we will slowly start thinking about rebuilding what we had. And this can also relate to agriculture and ground, as well as nature in general. However, on the individual level the value will shift onto relationships, families and Love. The shake ups of the previous year have made a lot of us realise how important close relationships really are, what we will be able to implement this in the coming year and may be value the feeling of love more than we were before.

The Spirit was pushing us to learn how to trust our intuition this entire year, trust our gut and the process that we are all going through. All the lessons that we have learnt this year will have a practical application in 2021: facing end of cycles and shedding old thought patterns, embracing authenticity and self-love. We will be guided the next year and it is important for us to listen to your Spirit, to our intuition and to follow the guidance. To understand how you personally can do it, you can check out my post about psychic gifts.

The cycle of this year is pretty standard. Like any other time the happy, creative and vibrant feelings and energies will only come around Spring. First quarter of the new year will be full of karmic themes. Whether we are ending our karmic cycles or finally getting what we have been working on - it depends on the individual journey. However, we pretty much will be seeing the results of our recent actions. One way or another. With the fact that the energy of the collective will not be vastly different from December, we will unite, as a society: looking for new paths, new passions. I would see a lot new fun trends coming on social media, may be not so much fun but very promising for us as a collective. By the end of it all, we will be very ready to shed old thought patterns and move further into the year, leaving toxicity behind.

Second quarter will bring a little relief. After all this time of pressure and struggles we will realise that we have a lot on our shoulders and Spirit might push us to learn how to relax again. We will see more joy in small things and we will learn to rest, mentally and for some even physically too. Second quarter of the year is also full of Love. After spending much time apart, we will also learn to value the Time we have with our close friends, family or loved ones. Relaxation and allowing things to just be and Flow the way they are is going to be a big thing for some of us. And the most interesting thing I have noticed here, that we will start dealing with capitalistic guilt. The guilt that comes after not being productive enough. Second quarter is a transitional time.

As coming into the third quarter, we will see some freedom. Well, does that line up with the vaccines? Yes. There is a chance that vaccines will be rolled put more publicly by then and we will finally feel the freedom after a long time of lockdowns. We will have the freedom to create, to have a breath of fresh air, to utilise the skills that we have. Generally, this time will signify a return of the power back to us. In the entire reading, this moment feels like chains are dropped.

I cannot say what exactly will happens in the last quarter. Not because I can’t read my cards, but because Spirit is not disclosing it yet. By the time last quarter comes, we will have a lot of energy, a lot of new ideas and thoughts and plans ready to be put into action. But the collective stress will be back. Something big will trigger the same worry we are experiencing now. Good or bad? No once can say exactly just yet.

By the end of 2021, Spiritual awareness won’t be as crazy to majority of population, at all. And we will have a lot more confidence going from there.

While 2021 give a lot of hope and a lot if use expect it to be easier, it’s not going to be what we want it to be. While it will potentially be better than the previous year, but it will still be full of struggles. We won’t be able to fully rebuild and restructure everything quickly and easily. We will start the foundation for the new beginning in the coming years though. In the coming year the collective perspective will slowly shift into love and feelings and knowledge more than physical materialistic things. Which will be a catalyst for a change in the future.

Will more disclosures happen during 2021? It is very possible. As the focus shifts into knowledge, people will be will to share it more with others. Can I say exactly how it will happen? No. It can be someone in power or someone close to the power who will eventually say something that will help us understand things more.

But with all serious stuff discussed I wish you all the best and Happy New Year. I hope this transition will be smooth for you and the rest of the year is going to be abundant and will bring everything you wish for.