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I have been talking about Energy Field for a long time now and I use this terminology in the sessions a lot. However, we all have access to our Fields and have total control over them. While it can be beneficial to have a guide helping you to work on your energy, you can do it yourself. In the series about the Energy Field I will talk more about how to access your Field, what you can do with it: protecting, grounding, cleansing and many other things. Today I will talk about the cleansing part of the work. One of the most important things to remember.

What is Energy Field?

As Divine beings, we have more layers to us than just the physical body that we can touch. Energy Field has a lot of names across spiritual community: light body, energy body, Merkaba and many others. Essentially, it includes all energy centres, also know as chakras, and all other bodies: mental, astral, etherial, connecting channeled that allow us to communicate with the Divine, and other energetic centres that aren’t massively popular across the online community.

To access the Energy Field you can simply ask to see it within the meditation. And yes, you will see it in its entirety. But it doesn’t just disappear after the meditation, it’s always there with you, to protect, to contain information, to allow the energy to flow through your consciousness and your physical body. It’s also what allows us to communicate with beings and other people at all times. Yes, other people too. Which takes us to the next part.

How does this happen?

When we cross other energy fields, including other people - we pick their energy up. Empaths for example, will most likely interact with other people’s emotional energy. This also allows psychics to “read” people and environment. We always interact with other even when we don’t talk - at a grocery store, in the street, at work etc. At any point we are able to pick up the energy and things that don’t belong to us - someone’s energy, parasites, emotions and other energetic junk that sometimes doesn’t belong to us and can influence our well-being.

Common symptoms of something interfering with our Energy Field are very close to anything related to mental health or physical health. In this case, before writing it all off to the energy, please make sure that the other sides are taken care of.

Common symptoms that I have noticed in my practice are:

  1. Unexplained stress and anxiety

  2. Low moods and switching moods for no reason

  3. Lack of connection with the guides

  4. Confusion, brain fog

  5. General heaviness “in the energy”

There will be and can be more signs that you have picked up something that you shouldn’t continue carrying.

How to work through it?

I have good news here, because you can access your energy field yourself at any point, you don’t need anyone else’s help to cleanse your energy. There is a multitude of different options online: smoke cleansing, sound cleansing, bath salts etc. And they all work of course, it’s a matter of choice. Today I want to share one of the methods that I use and that I find useful when you can’t use other instruments.

Settle in somewhere safe and breathe in a little. Visualise your Energy Field and for a minute have a look at what’s going on there. When you are ready, visualise light of any colour coming through your Energy Field, getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong there. Yes, that easy, you really don’t need anything to be able to heal yourself, no tools, m no spells - nothing. We are so much more powerful than we are thinking.

Another thing to mention is that visualisations work even better with statements which again, you can do yourself. While visualising the process of cleansing, ask your Guides and your Spirit to cleanse your Field from anything that is not in your best interest.

Will you feel the results immediately? Not necessarily. It always takes time to get the results more visible on the physical level of things, so don’t worry. In my practice some people don’t FEEL, which is also possible, as we are all different.

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