Passionate About Helping Others

My Spiritual Awakening had started back in 2009. I was a kid back then, but religious systems that I was surrounded by have never satisfied my curious child's mind. My journey started from Wicca and witchcraft, which I still practice to this day. But of course with time and after going through years of deep depression, I have gone through a different wave of Awakening and was brought to my Soul's path and alignment. I became an energy healer, worked through my own energy field ( and am still working, because it is always an on-going project ), unlocked various abilities and sensory perceptions and as I keep working on my path, I set on the journey to help others.

Spirituality became a very massive trend and even a movement over the last several years and the market became saturated with psychics, healer, witches and coaches that seemingly have a lot of insight and always live in the bliss of enlightenment. What makes me different in this case? I never deny the human part. Working with radical Authenticity, I embrace human experiences, I work through and with my human Ego and human emotions. And I advice my clients to do the same thing. After all... There is nothing more Spiritual than being human.

All my sessions and all my 1-1 workings are always client oriented. I work directly through the Divine Source and always follow the highest good of my customers. We work in sessions together, as my main goal is to show and make sure that YOU can understand how your energy works and how you can continue working on that by yourself. While I don't call myself a teacher, I do my best to give you the possible tools and ways to connect to your Guides and work with them in the future. Because YOU are just as talented and just as powerful as all of the psychics and spiritual workers out there. Any session with me is always about YOU. 

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