Hi, I am Mary Grace Fellowes, a creative writer and filmmaker based in the UK. After studying Digital Film and Business Management in University for the Creative Arts, I have finally found my artistic style and the purpose of my work, which is rooted in activism and telling stories.

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About Mary Fellowes

I grew up in a family of a scriptwriter and author. My father has always been the biggest and the most important piece of my creative puzzle. Ever since I was a child, we would play games that were set to develop one's vocabulary. I started thinking about writing when I turned 11 and I got obsessed with Naruto. Later in time, as I watched Dark Knight Rises in IMAX, I was moved by the audience reaction so much that it made me follow the path of filmmaking.

After a long time of avoiding the obvious and looking for my purpose, I have finally realised that the root of my being is in words and writing. I believe that anything and anybody can become a story and I am willing to prove that through telling mine and also giving voices to those, who have been waiting to tell their stories.



BA (Hons) Digital Film and Screen Arts - University for the Creative Arts (2018)

MA (Hons) Creative Business Management - University for the Creative Arts (2019)

If you are looking for me, I am probably in my office, writing a new story...


Not as regular as I prefer it to be. But when I have something to say with my voice, I have my episodes coming through. Lot's of plans for May. Keep an eye on it!


Putting my ideas and my mind across through writing has always been my passion. As I keep growing in this field, I am also changing the way my blog works and how I present my materials. For analysis of my experiences, reflections and things I learn, refer to my blog. Expect it to have a lot of opinions on cinema too, as I am swinging back into it.


Coming soon...