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There is nothing more Spiritual, than being Human

About me

I have been on my Spiritual Journey since I turned 13. Almost 11 years ago I have started questioning a lot of things that society was dictating, but nothing could answer them, but the mysterious occult and witchy knowledge. Years of highs and lows, years of growing and learning, making mistakes and dropping the practice altogether for some time, I have found myself coaching and guiding people through their spiritual experiences and journeys. Through contacting various Spirit Guides and seeing hundreds of past lives, I have realised that there is nothing more Spiritual, than being Human. 

Ever since then I have realised that my purpose and goal is to help people remember that they can heal, do any energy work, be mediums and communicate with their Guides. Helping people to remember their Power, break away from societal programming and Thrive in the Human Life.

Remember. Liberate. Thrive.

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Mary's work ethics is beyond what I ever expected. She has guided me through levels of my healing and through that I've learned to accept and gain the power back that I needed. When I first met her, I was in a very dark place in my life, I had believed that nothing and no one can help me. Through the years it's been quite astonishing how my confidence and self awareness built up and now I feel free and I forgive myself so much more. I most definitely recommend working with her as five years ago was the first time I ever opened up to her and she had accepted me with open arms knowing that we have a journey ahead of us.

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