Mary Grace Fellowes is a creative writer and filmmaker based in the UK. After studying Digital Film and Business Management in University for the Creative Arts, she found her artistic style and the purpose of work in telling stories and providing platforms to those who isn't heard.

As a long-term sufferer from mental health illness and as a neurodivergent, she also directs her work into advocating for mental health and therapy and defending the communities that she belongs to.

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creative writer, filmmaker



BA (Hons) Digital Film and Screen Arts - University for the Creative Arts (2018)

MA (Hons) Creative Business Management - University for the Creative Arts (2019)

Current Work in Progress

Brain Dump podcast with me as a solo host will be coming soon. As of June 2021, I have at least 2 episodes planned and I have a lot to talk about. As someone with ADHD, I usually need to dump my thoughts somewhere, so this is it. Come join for fandom talk, Youtube commentary and pretty much anything else that crosses my mind.

Release date: TBC

Agent Skylark is a short film and a story altogether, a beginning of what I believe to be a new universe of super-heroes. Right now Skylark is a short film in pre-production and scripting stages.

Release date: TBC

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